Tuesday, February 16, 2010


An interesting article about chickens, in the Times Higher Education...

"Peter Lennox keeps chickens, and they have taught him a great deal about behaviour, ethics, evolution and the psychopathic nature of modern 'efficiency'."
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And, a bit about my own hens...

The red one gave us a nice brown egg every morning once she got started. She would also let me pick her up, carry her around, and place her in the little wire coop makeshift coop at nightfall. The blue-footed creature, the little one, would only run around madly to get away from me, and lost her tail feathers being pecked at daily by the red one. She was grouchy and never made an egg.

The weather turned suddenly and drastically nasty, and a blues playing neighbor offered to add my two hens to his flock of eight with a temperature controlled henhouse and fenced-in grassy yard.

Goodbye, June and Anais. I hope the blues man treats you well.


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